4 interesting things you certainly did not know about Hanoi ancient villas

4 interesting things you certainly did not know about Hanoi ancient villas

Old villas in Hanoi have existed for a long time and then come to the subconscious of each of us when mentioning Hanoi. So it was born when there are things that we do not know about it, let us find out in the following article!

1.The history of the ancient villas in Hanoi

Old Hanoi villas have been there for a long time, cannot say exactly when they were born, only know from the time when our country was under French colonial rule, old Hanoi villas gradually appeared and gradually neoclassical interior style orientation .

Located outside the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, this urban area is populated with small-scale industry, trade and trade, forming typical trade streets, bringing the distinct traditions of urban residents. capital. Today, Hanoi ancient villas are an attractive destination for those who want to learn about Thang Long – Dong Do – Hanoi

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2.Discover the unique architecture of Hanoi villas


Exterior :

Hanoi Old Villa features French architecture with neoclassical architecture with soft curves and shapes. Inspired by nature’s branches

Most of the ancient villas in Hanoi are inspired by the top of the castle, the design of many windows with intricate gothic style. The contours of the semicircular dome or the arches make a certain fussy.


The interior of the old villas in Hanoi is quite simple, divided into many rooms, in which the special highlight of the interior is the light and the inner colors of the villas are yellow. A little bit of the classic trend of color in previous years.

The interior of the old villas in Hanoi is mostly of objects with clear cubes with a slightly western European square, and the interior also contains a lot of floral motifs used in it.

The list of some old Hanoi villas still exists today

Currently, there are many old villas in Hanoi, including those around Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, Ba Dinh, and old Hanoi villas located around the Old Quarter and all have different historical values ​​and meanings.

Currently, Hanoi has a total of 1253 old villas which are divided into 3 groups: Group 1: when renovating, it must remain the same as the original, Group 2: when renovating, it must maintain the same basic standards as confidential degree, height, inside can be repaired, group 3 can demolish the construction of new houses, the cases of demolition must be assessed by professional bodies on the danger level. The villas are located around the old quarter of Hanoi. Because the construction is still quite long, there are some old villas in Hanoi which are still in bad condition and are in need of renovation and rebuilding. Therefore, not all old villas in Hanoi can be used and visited.

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Old Hanoi villa features a style of Trinh music cafe

Referring to the interesting in old Hanoi villas, we have to mention villa coffee, in recent years people instead of paying attention to modern Western styles, the ancient style of the 70s quite popular.

Hanoi Old Villa is not only a historical place but also a place to remember old stories, these places are like museums that help people have cool and at the same time. Comfortably comfortable.

So when it comes to the interesting about old Hanoi villas, it is impossible not to mention that it is Hanoi Old Villa Cafe. All different classes who only need quiet space to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy life in reality can find these ancient cafes.

Cafe in old mansions with nostalgic old wall paint color, with curving windows and static wooden chairs, has created its own unique features of an ancient Hanoi full of elites. beautiful flowers.

Hanoi Old Villa is not only of historical value, but it is also works of great architectural significance, about pattern lines of sophistication and harmonization of neoclassical style . From the ancient architectural works of villas in Hanoi, it has become the main inspiration for tremendous creativity for many architects in our country.

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