Advice on how to choose the most beautiful living room wallpaper

Advice on how to choose the most beautiful living room wallpaper

The use of wallpaper for living room space is becoming a trend in the field of interior design. Just a sample of delicate wallpaper is enough to make the living room space more unique and impressive. There are many lines of wall stickers with extremely attractive textures, high quality but with a reasonable price. You can freely choose the latest and most unique living room wallpaper for your living room.

However, you do not know how to choose a suitable wallpaper pattern. Let’s read the article below to be able to find yourself a beautiful pattern wallpaper.

Samples of wallpaper on the market

On the market there are two types of wallpaper popular and popular use.

Wallpaper is available

The wallpaper available is a preprinted paper of varying sizes and is usually sold in rolls. Currently on the market there are many types of stickers with different colors and patterns. With the price is not too high, this wallpaper is very popular with customers.

Wallpaper to print

You love a certain pattern, you want your space to be impressive, with its own bold. You can order prints for the living room, and medium to high quality materials, depending on the economy and your wall space.

Choose wallpaper in feng shui living room

Tong feng shui, each person has a destiny based on the destiny, age that can identify the similarities that interact with them. Each person has different suitable feng shui colors. Here are some suggestions that HomeXinh advise you on choosing a wall paper.

Destiny: Should choose pure yellow or white paper colors. Pink, red should be avoided by Fire-etching Kim.

Par Moc: Homeowners should choose high-class blue and black wallpaper. The contrast color is white. However, for interior designs that have used this color tone, should choose the furniture with etched colors. Since then can reduce the contrast in the color selection.

Destiny: mutual color is black, white, blue, avoids choosing gold, gold

Destiny: Should choose the wallpaper color, pink or pink living room. Especially avoid choosing black by Thuy Thuy Hoa.

Destiny: Should use yellow, red or pink as the main color. Homeowners should avoid choosing blue wallpaper patterns.

Choose wallpaper by area – interior design style

Area factors and design styles are always consistently related to each other. Therefore, if your apartment is an apartment interior design , you should choose a modern style. As for the interior design villa you absolutely can choose the style with more details.

For apartments with small area, choosing simple patterns and monochrome colors will help your living room space be expanded and more open.

On the contrary, with the spacious and superficial villa interior designs, you can choose from high-class wallpaper patterns, with large floral motifs, with delicate colors, a little floating turned on, showy.


Select wallpaper living room according to your preference

Everyone has a different taste and personality. Therefore, after consulting interior design, HomeXinh is based on the personality and style of the homeowner to choose the most suitable wallpaper patterns.

You are a lover of simplicity, always love the elegance, lightness. So samples of living room wallpaper with images of trees, flowers, grass … is also a good choice. Besides, you can also choose other models of fake wallpaper materials such as wood grain paper, fake stone, fake bricks … you absolutely can choose your favorite wallpaper pattern.

You belong to the tip of a person who is strong, strong and has a personal taste. So, the wallpaper pattern with unique motifs, breaking down all the frameworks is the best choice for you. For example, Korean wallpaper patterns have curves, geometry, or big flowers … You can freely choose according to your preferences and personality.


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