Fee for designing interior villas at HomeXinh

Fee for designing interior villas at HomeXinh

Interior design of villas is one of the extremely important factors in creating a beautiful villa. But how much does the villa interior design fee need?

Recently, many customers came to Home Xinh with the question of not knowing how the villa interior design fee is calculated, is the cost too expensive? In the following article, we will give specific analysis to customers understand this problem?

Villa interior design fee depends on what factors?

Factors affecting design costs

After a period of active work, KTS’s team often offers interior design fees which usually range from VND 130,000 / m2 or more because they depend on the following factors:

Element 1: Interior style to design. Depending on the homeowner favorite and choose any interior design style, the interior design fee will vary. For villas with simple designs not too picky as modern style, the design fee is often lower than neoclassical and classical.

Element 2: After surveying and signing a contract, HomeXinh’s architects will know the scope of the job. If the scope of work in the contract package is less then the unit price is lower, and vice versa.

Scope of work in interior design contracts

The scope of package work in the design package of HomeXinh Interior Architecture Joint Stock Company includes:

Surveying the measurement market and drawing the status of premises

Drawing up 2d drawings of interior layout, wall areas of spaces

3D perspective for the entire space of your villa

Complementary technical details of furniture in separate rooms

Additional technical details ceilings, plaster, ceiling only cornices, the wall …

Layout plan of electricity and water system

Break up newspaper drawings, estimate construction costs for the entire villa.

Fee for designing interior villas at HomeXinh

So, the design fee of Home Xinh is how much?

Currently, the fee for designing interior villas of Home Xinh Furniture is usually divided into 2 levels corresponding to 2 different interior styles. Depending on the style that our architects will put the price to suit the area.

Neoclassical and classical style: Design fee ranges from VND 180,000 / m2.

Modern style: Design fee fluctuates around 150,000 VND / m2 floor area.

Therefore, when choosing the interior design package of Home Xinh Furniture, you can be completely assured that you will be consulted to design suitable to the investment cost. Commit that you get the most comprehensive, comprehensive 3d design drawings.

More importantly, homeowners will receive detailed technical drawings of all furniture, room spaces. Detailed drawings of water and electricity system, ceilings, floors, cornices, etc.

To the end is to own a homogeneous whole harmony with each other

Whether the size of your villa is large or narrow, when coming to us, your villa will become an ideal living space. With the layout of the interior scientifically and rationally.

If you find it difficult to decorate the interior of your villa. Let the architects of Home Xinh Furniture help you get the most wonderful living space but only with the most reasonable design cost.

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