How to choose and arrange wine cabinets with feng shui

How to choose and arrange wine cabinets with feng shui

In the past few years, the interior decoration with wine cabinets has become increasingly popular. The following article outlines the things to keep in mind when arranging a cupboard layout.

Function of the wine cabinet

For many families, the closet is not only a function for storing wine or other drinks, but it is also a decorative furniture to help the space more luxurious and impressive. Not only that, but sometimes they become a partition dividing the spaces.

With such functions, you should choose for your apartment a shelf for wine. The question is how to choose cabinets beautiful, impressive, how to arrange feng shui. This is not an easy thing. Together with HomeXinh, learn about the layout principles as well as how to choose the best way for your living space.

Because if you know how to design and layout will make the space more modern and impressive.

Sample wine racks beautiful for space more luxurious, class

Have you ever thought of choosing a decorative furniture that needs lots of details to be luxurious? But no, sometimes the selection of a simple wine cabinet has a high aesthetic effect.

You should not choose one with too many details. Because a beautiful cupboard is a closet suitable for the space, suitable for other furniture in the room. You can choose some wall wine cabinets, vintage wine cabinets … They will help the space become luxurious, close and suitable for feng shui.

How to decorate the cupboard to match feng shui wine

One of the layout of the wine cabinet is arranged in the living room or dining room. Need to choose the location of cabinets in the direction consistent with the par, the five elements. From there, you can bring luck in life and at work.

Alcohol is a negative drink, but it is a positive fluid. Therefore, the appropriate places to display wine racks should be negative position (that is, North, West and South East) or in the five elements.

HomePlease suggest to you some arrangements that you can refer to.

– With the house with the main door facing the South, the position of the five elements is Northeast

– The main door is opposite to the Southwest – the location of the five elements: the North

– The main door is to the West, the position of the five evil is the Northwest

–With the northwest direction, the five evil position is the southwest

– With the main door facing the North, the West is the position of the five evil

– The main door is opposite to the Northeast, the position of the five evil: Southeast

– The main door is opposite to the East, the position of the five evil: South

– The main door is opposite to the Southeast, the position of the five evil: East

Principles of decorating the living room wine cabinet

The living room is the face of the homeowner, so the selection and arrangement of wine cabinets in the living room need to be focused. Not only need to ensure the aesthetics but they also need to meet the feng shui factors.

Currently, wine cabinets are becoming one of the furniture should be in the house. Besides choosing a beautiful design, you need to follow 3 main principles of feng shui that are direction, destiny and courage of the owner.

Should choose so that the fate of the homeownership because each will suit each other in different directions. At the same time, it is also necessary to select the appropriate material. Currently there are many different materials such as wood wine cabinets, wine cabinets or metal wine cabinets …

Especially if a wine shelf displays many precious wine bottles and a few decorative statues … surely your home space will be extremely harmonious and attractive.

The display cabinets need to take advantage of the space but also to bring a high aesthetic effect. You can also take advantage of them to separate the living room from the dining room or the office. Doing that just helps save space while still meeting the use features.

How to decorate the wine cupboard in the kitchen

In the kitchen area, you also need to choose the cabinet style as well as arrange so that feng shui.

You need to avoid choosing kitchen wine cabinets with too large mirror glass. Avoid placing cabinets on the side of the tank as this can lead to unhealthy things.

Besides, you can also choose the wine racks combined with mini bars. With small apartment interior design , this combination can not only save space but still ensure the elegance and modernity.

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