How to hang feng shui TV shelves

How to hang feng shui TV shelves

The living room space is always one of the most meticulously designed areas. It is always necessary to have all the most beautiful and modern furniture, such as sofa tables, tea tables or television shelves. Right after, HomeXinh would like to introduce to you some models of TV shelves that are suitable for your house.

The importance of television in the living space

First of all, we have also seen that, television is one of the indispensable furniture. Television is the most popular entertainment that you can see in every house. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the device is durable and durable.

Typically, television shelves are located in the living room . Besides, you can arrange them in the bedroom, kitchen. Wherever you are, you need to arrange it appropriately, creating a sense of comfort when watching.

You can choose a shelf with many drawers below, or you can choose a simple but versatile shelf … Make sure your living space will be tidy, much more neat.

Depending on the purpose of each family, you can choose different shelf designs. Most of the market today are shelves with integrated additional features such as decorations, or handy drawers.

Feng shui put shelves TV in the living room

Any utensils, furniture should also be placed in accordance with feng shui. The right arrangement of feng shui is extremely important because they will directly affect people’s fortune and health.

According to feng shui, the living room belongs to Tho. The TV has many metal components so it belongs to Kim, and Fire. In terms of feng shui, the homeowner should place the television in the living room . Because this is the most appropriate place to meet the fire element of Earth Origin.

Not only bringing the fortune and luck for the family, the arrangement in the main space also impresses the guests visiting the house.

HomeXinh suggest to readers the layout of TV shelves in accordance with the destiny of the homeowners:

In the case of the country, the Master should watch TV in the North and should watch TV in the South. This is one of the most feng shui shelf.

Destiny should sit and watch TV set to the South.

The East and Southeast are one of the directions suitable for the owner of the Moc palace.

With Kim , the host can arrange for the West and Northwest.

As for the homeowners of the Turkish , southwest and northeast is the most feng shui direction.

Some taboos in feng shui set TV cabinets

Although you have set it in the right direction, there are a few things to keep in mind.

– Do not place shelves too high: The arrangement, placement, hanging shelves too high will not be good in terms of feng shui. It can cause families to experience a little bit of contradictions, social relationships, and uncomplicated work. On the market today there are some models of low-rise TV shelves , you can consider and choose.

– Avoid choosing too big a television: You need to consider the area of ​​the room and choose the TV size properly. If the TV set is too big, it may cause an imbalance, causing homeowners to encounter some difficult and difficult marketing.

– Do not place the TV in tight, secret places: The level of heat dissipation of the TV is very large. If you put in confined and confined places, the space will accumulate a lot of heat. Radiation and magnetic fields can affect the health of the homeowner. Especially, it is necessary to avoid placing the TV at the corner wall.

– Do not place opposite the door: In the case of a TV shelf opposite the door or owner window.

– Should be placed on the TV wall walls or cabinets. At the same time you should not decorate too many utensils, items on the TV shelf.

On the market today there are many different shelf materials such as wooden TV shelves, metal TV shelves with many different designs such as long TV shelves, or wall-mounted TV shelves …


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